the girl on the car in the parking lot (eightythree) wrote,
the girl on the car in the parking lot

you make it look easy

Friends only, just because I want to.

Add me or comment to be added.
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im adding yew <3
i added you back :)
(i was gone for two weeks, so sorry it took so long!)
Ah, Im adding you! lol=0)
ayy i'm adding u...yeah =D
hey, i'll add you.
i am going to add you:)
xox emilie
hey i just randomly found your journal and it seems fun... can i add you?
that would be wonderful. your journal also seems very fun :)
Hey I found you through darkestsunshine
I'm adding you to my friends' list. Just curious. ;)
okie dokie i'm adding you to my lonesome little friends list..
keep up the awesomeness work on your journal!
o0oo yesh i found your journal at hehe <---Mariah!
CARiNA <---
*adds you*
I found your journal through my interests (John Mayer). I figure I would give you a try. You seem like a very interesting person. =).
hey! I'm adding you =-D
I'm adding you!
man, why don't you just take a shot.

i found you through interests (falling in like). i'm amy. i'm adding you :)
could i add you as a friend?
sure, i added you
ok good. thank ya.
i added you o n blurty and i added you on here. so..feel speshal
actually that's not me on blurty. i think you must have me mixed up with someone else..
oh ok sorry, well either way you are added.
you sound a whole lot like me. :)
will you add me if i add you?

hi. did my top closest non-friends thingy. and you were on it, and I am curious.

if I were a cat I would be so dead.